Christmas and The Great Reset

Klaus Schwab at Davos 2022
Image Source: World Economic Forum

I’m not sure about you but all this talk about The Great Reset, is fascinating, bewildering but mostly totally terrifying. The phrase that is being pushed around all the commentary currently is this:

Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy and Life Has Never Been Better

World Economic Forum

Hmm. Makes you think how will this affect us all. But in terms of this blog, what will Christmas and The Great Reset look like?

The Three Pillars of The Great Reset

Sorelle Amore in her video A terrifying prediction for 2030 (the Great Reset), breaks down The Great Reset into three pillars, Surveillance, Finance and Social Scoring.


The theory is we will all have a digital id. That is we will not be able to do anything without this id. That is no internet access, no access to your bank account, no access to travel. As far as I can see in no access to anything, freedom of movement and/or choice. Freedom of thought. Unless you meet the agenda/criteria.


In a nutshell, your money and assets are in the hands/control of the government or worse large corporations, the un-elected. Eek! The really spooky thing is an algorithm will control everything you do. Even what you purchase, what you will wear, even down to your socks and underwear.

Social Scoring

This is basically how the system scores you as an individual within the system, as we are already seeing in China. Credit scoring is being rolled out slowly across the Western countries, Italy seem to be a long way down this track and there is testing in Darwin, Australia. This is the naughty and nice list.

Father Christmas and Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab appears to be the villain or the hero of the piece. Dependent which side of the uncontrolled or controlled fence, you see this. But this is where the Great Reset comes into Christmas.

When our son was little, between the ages of 1 and 3 years old, we used to live in the Cotswolds, in England. At the time we rented a bungalow / single storey building. In the open planned kitchen dinner was an alarm sensor. Which would blink periodic.

This fascinated our young son. And when he asked us what it was. We told him a straight lie, like you will own nothing but be happy. We told him that it was Father Christmas’s secret camera. To make sure that he was being good or naughty. And to be honest, it was very naughty fib. But I totally can not remember him ever being really naughty once. And his behaviour has equally continued.

So, here is the rub. We in away were surveilling him or under the pretence of surveillance. But can you ever imagine being under constant control.

If Christmas manages to survive the Great Reset and you have to doubt that such an Orwellian or Cromwellian controlling society would permit it. Many in society, particularly those who have considerable difficulty thinking what they want for and/or give at Christmas, the controlling society’s algorithm will do it all for you. Magic! That 1 year son is now 17 years old. And to be, honest an algorithm that tells you what to get for him at Christmas, could be really helpful this year. Even for my wife, but no doubt this Christmas is likely to be another Dyson product.

Personally. Even though trying to think what I want for myself or for others, can be someone tricky. I much prefer the freedom of choice. And as I was writing this article, it sprung to mind, that you would also be told what to eat, under the Great Rest. To me that is the final straw for the Great Reset. Presents are one thing but not having the freedom to decide what to eat and drink would be a total no, no, no, for me.

As a final point though, it does make you wonder how Father Christmas does create a naughty and nice list. Maybe we have been living under the Great Christmas Reset all these years…