The Ultimate Personalised Father Christmas Letter

Father Christmas reading personalised Christmas letters
Image – Posti Finland. Santa Claus Post Office, Lapland

According to the Smithsonian Magazine. Letters to Father Christmas or Santa have been a Christmas tradition for over 150 years. Who doesn’t remember writing out their Christmas list each year. In the hope that you would receive all the presents on the list. But over 20 on a list each year, was possibly somewhat optimistic. In recent times though things have moved along. Where in hope of receiving gifts, now you hope to receive a letter back from Father Christmas as well. So, what is the ultimate personalised Father Christmas letter.

Childhood Memories

In the belief that writing out my Christmas list every year. Father Christmas would get it as promised by my parents. And duly every year I don’t remember being disappointed. Other than one Christmas whilst visiting Father Christmas at Army and Navy, in Guildford. When I asked Father Christmas, if he had seen my list. He confirmed that he had but couldn’t remember anything on it. I was horrified. I was mighty relieved that whatever I had put on that list that year, was thankfully delivered. Another year of believing.

I don’t recall ever burning my Christmas list on the fire at home. We did have a traditional fireplace but for some reason my parents never used it. It was about the only house that we didn’t. My sister though felt awful that poor Father Christmas didn’t ever get any presents. So, one Christmas she tried to throw her yellow and white teddy bear (it was the 70’s) up the chimney. To both our horror, it came straight back down, but this time an off orange and grey teddy bear.

It is to see in Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day, that some still carry on the tradition of burning Christmas lists up the chimney.

Modern Day Personalised Father Christmas Letters

Kids now have the luxury of being able to post a list to Father Christmas. Alas, not when I was little.

When our son was little, we used to use the Royal Post’s official address and then when we moved to Australia, Australia Post. And it was all very efficient and one Christmas we even got a ‘how to green your Christmas’ letter from Australia Post. Some what lost on a four year old.

That all changed though when we went to Lapland to visit Father Christmas. Before we went to visit him. We discovered that Father Christmas (Santa) has an official post office in Rovaniemi. The official hometown of Santa Claus. Not far from where we were to stay. So, no need for pen in hand, but instead a keyboard. We sent our son’s Christmas list to Father Christmas in hope that one day we would get reply.

Then low and behold a few months after we returned from Lapland. our son received a personalised letter. And get this, with the official Santa Claus postmark. Now I appreciate that there are many businesses that specialise in personalised Christmas letters. But none can beat a letter from the official post office, from the official hometown, in snow covered Lapland of Father Christmas, with a letter with your name on it. Is this the ultimate personalised Father Christmas letter. If you ignore the fact it doesn’t mention what is on your list, then absolutely, you just can’t beat it.

Note: When we first sent a letter to Father Christmas in Lapland. It was absolutely free. Now you have to pay for it, as we did some years later. The Finnish postal service do a wonderful job and we are thankful to them for making a Christmas Tradition magical.