Christmas and Wedding Anniversaries

Happy couple holding hands

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. I’ve been very fortunate having decades worth of wedding anniversaries, to the same person, Which got me thinking, what does Christmas and Wedding Anniversaries have in common?

Once A Year

The obvious, is that it comes but once a year. And unlike Easter, but like Christmas, it is always on a fixed date. And like Christmas, for us it’s a happy time to celebrate our unity. Like the unity that Christians have with the birth of Christ, as a matter of speech.

Love and Peace

Thankfully we have been blessed, on the whole, with a long-term peaceful relationship, and on the whole filled with love. Love as with Christmas is possibly the most variable gift an individual can be given. And maybe the world issues could be solved more by those who have been married together for a long time. Understanding the balance of love, maintaining an understanding of what each individual requires and at the end of the day being at peace with each other, generally. And not by politicians and religious leaders. Just a thought.

Gift Giving

The biggest gift in life is your health and the love of those around you. That put to one side. As the anniversaries and years have gone by, the need to give gifts have faded away. For us at least. But like Christmas we have always tried to celebrate with a memorable meal. Over the past we have been really fortunate to have had some great meals out at the likes of Point Leo Estate and take away meals. We even started at the Hotel Du Vine in Bristol on one occasion. Which reminds me that we should try that more than once…


We are fortunate as a couple to have had a child. And like Christmas even now, as a teenager, we celebrate our wedding anniversary with him. To be honest on some occasions, it is like being back with with a young child in a restaurant. Once the mobile becomes boring.

The one major difference is that we don’t get a public holiday for our wedding anniversary. Maybe politicians should start rewarding continuous long term relationship with an extra day off, when the anniversary doesn’t fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

I would also like to leave you with this one thought. Maybe our wedding anniversary is actually on Christmas Day. From Luke 2:8-20 – And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night – at night in the middle of winter? Even in the Holy Land would be cold in Winter. Maybe it was early June instead…