6 Kids Christmas Movies That Blow Me Away

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

I vaguely remember when I first saw the original Miracle on 34th Street, I was about 9 maybe 10. On an old black and white tv that my parents had. I was blown away. I couldn’t wait until the following Christmas to watch it again. In those days we didn’t have videos or dvds and the internet would have been something in a sci-fi movie. So if you missed it, you missed it. To be honest I think the next time I saw it, was about 10 years later. And it hadn’t changed. The magic of the movie was still there. It is the first Christmas movie I remember watching. (Not to be confused with John Hughes’ later version.)
Check out the original trailer. They sure know how to make them back then.

The Snowman (1982)

This was released whilst I was in my mid teens and I first remember it being on Saturday Superstore. I must have fallen out of bed, mid morning, just switched on the tely and watched that song. Walking in the Air, the song always associated with Aled Jones. But in the movie it was actually performed by a Peter Auty. The film has a strange haunting start to it. And then falls into an amazing animated movie with the most memorable song. The scene of the snowman getting off the motorbike, is still magical to this day.
We couldn’t really find the trailer to this movie, but here is that song.

A Christmas Story (1983)

Similar to The Snowman, I saw this in my late teens, blimey, it may have even been in my first year at Uni. Not sure. But I laughed from the start to the end. I haven’t seen it that often since but that scene, the one with the pole, still has me in fits of laughter. Plus the one with the wrapped bowling ball, dropped on the… well…lap on the old man, just golden scenes. Many would say this is the best Christmas movie of all time (even more than It’s a Wonderful Life. Not included on this list as technically not a kids movie). And to be honest it would be difficult to disagree.
Here is the movie trailer

Home Alone (1990)

John Hughes who wrote Home Alone, has a special space in my heart. Before he wrote this movie, I had written my Uni thesis on his teenage movies. Putting that to one side, this is a great slap stick movie. My 9 year old son can not get enough of it. It is full on schoolboy humour maybe that’s why he loves it. But it is also a great family movie. It does take sometime to get going but once the ‘invasion’ scenes start, it is a laugh a second. It is one of those Christmas movies you can watch anytime of the year.
Here is the movie trailer

The Polar Express (2004)

Second to the Snowman, this is the first Christmas movie I watched with my son, so has a special memory for me. That said I thought that the animation in this movie is just amazing. You really see Tom Hanks in this as the Inspector and it has you guessing. Does the bell still sound in all our hearts? I never read the book, so can not compare it to that. I just enjoyed the move and the characters are almost to real.
Jump onboard the trailer.

Elf (2003)

What can you say about Elf, other than Will Farrell is just hysterical in this movie. There are so many unrealistic but funny scenes, you just get swept away in the enjoyment of the story. Cotton balls and coke will never be the same again. It is what Christmas movies should be all about. Fun, fun and even more fun.
Movie trailer.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

This could just possibly become a Christmas classic in the next, hmm 10 years. A great alternative Father Christmas storyline and how he delivers all those presents. It is also slightly more edgy than a Disney or Pixar movie. It is almost not political correct in places, yet has a warm heart. And our 9 year was glued to it. Any film with Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy in it, just can not go wrong. A must have to the DVD collection (if you still have one).

As a final note, we have to leave you with that scene from A Christmas Story.

With the line, “It really works”. Golden.