All Hail Queen Delia

Collection of Delia Smith's Christmas Recipe Books

To be honest I can’t remember if it was Blue Peter and/or Multi-coloured Swap Shop. But as a youngster in the 70’s. Delia Smith, from memory, seemed to be on every BBC kids programme. And a lifetime of fanhood has developed. ever since. She was THE celebrity chef before the Jamie’s, Heston’s and Nigella’s of the cook world. At one stage in my career I even worked closely with Delia’s website team at Delia Online.

It is her Christmas cookery books, that we have been diving into since 1995. We use these every Christmas. We do have some favourites and some of them are listed in Celebrity Christmas Recipes section (and we plan to add some more).

Her Christmas TV series, was at the time, a must watch and a great way to start getting into the Christmas spirit. And I would be glued to it. The VHS recorder would always be set in readiness to watch missed episodes. It is difficult to find these old episodes but some can be viewed here. Plus, if you hunt around there are some other Christmas episodes but most are just her recipes on the BBC Good Food YouTube channel.

But to me, Christmas hasn’t started until we start flicking through the worn out pages of Delia’s Christmas (her original Christmas recipe book), Delia’s Happy Christmas and even worth a page turn, Delia Smith’s Winter Collection. Planning what to eat over Christmas, yes there are other Christmas recipe books but these are the ones we refer to firstly. By any chance did I mention I’m a real fan of Delia, all hail the Queen of the Celebrity chefs.