A Castle For Christmas Review

Scene of Christmas for A Castle for Christmas movie review

I’m of that generation that remembers Brooke Shields for just one thing, well one movie (and that she was married to Andre Agassi at some point). Blue Lagoon. And to be honest I really couldn’t tell you any other movie or television drama she has been in. Yet, you know exactly who she is. Really weird. So, we sat down to see what A Castle For Christmas would be like. With not particularly high expectations.

Vehicle Movie

So, what were are expectations. That this would be a vehicle for:

Brooke Shields and the Scottish Tourist Board.

And that is exactly what it was. We don’t need too much of an excuse to watch a Christmas movie at this time of year. But when you have the hook of Brooke Shields. It is sit down on a Friday night with a class of whiskey on ice. Then let this movie wash over you. Don’t take this movie seriously. Just enjoy a movie aimed far and square at the American market. It has it all, a cool Scottish pub, an off’ish Scottish Duke and set in some lovely Scottish scenery. Oh, and of course whiskey and a bunch of kilts.

Clichéd Christmas Movie

Absolutely. This Christmas movie is so clichéd. It has all the characteristics. Famous down on their luck author. Classic UK Netflix shot in summer or autumn to look like Christmas. That grumpy, off’ish Laird with massive inherited castle, which is falling a part. Then a bunch of odd bods from down the pub, who are all linked to the estate. It is a perfect recipe.

Fireplace Worthy

This is an awful Christmas movie. But there lies it’s charm. You know from the minute it starts how it is going to end. But as we previously mentioned, this is just a movie to wash over you at the end of a tough week. And you want something easy to watch that is not at all taxing, that is Christmas related.