When to Get a Christmas Tree

Christmas heart decoration on a real Christmas tree

Now call me a traditionalist. But to me you always get your Christmas Tree, or put up your tree in December and the later, usually the better. We’re not a put it up on Christmas Eve family. For us it’s traditionally the second weekend in December. This year though has been such a struggle for everyone. Christmas has been a beacon of light for so many. So, when to get a tree has changed, well for us.

Christmas Trees Come Early in Australia

We have lived in Australia now for over a decade, and traditionally the Aussies put up their trees on the 1st December. So, I read somewhere once. But today, 28th November we went to get a Christmas Tree. For various reasons but having been in lockdown for what feels like most of the year in Victoria. We thought as a family. What the heck. Let’s go for it. So, off we go to one of our local Christmas Tree farms, to pick a tree. Like we do each year.

It’s True

Under a perfect blue sky we are standing in a paddock (field) of Christmas Trees. Many still standing. Many cut down. Next to recently planted seedings. Unlike most Christmas Tree hunts we picked our tree very quickly. No hesitation this year. And after our tree had been measured and cut we where ready to carry the tree out of the paddock. But before we did we where talking to one of the owners. He was saying that this weekend, the last weekend of November, was/would be the busiest weekend of the year. Amazing.

Local Christmas Tree farm in Victoria
One of our local tree farm in Victoria

Is November To Early

It is strange. Buying a tree in November. But then why not. It gives us at least an extra two weeks to have a Christmas Tree in the house. And you can’t beat setting the Christmas music and decorating the tree. And that smell… The best.

So, who really cares if you get your Christmas Tree in November or Christmas Eve. The most important thing is, to enjoy it.

Our real Christmas Tree at Home
Our real tree at home.