Christmas at The White Company

Christmas Image from The White Company website

When you emigrate, there are always going to be things that you miss. And when is comes to Christmas shopping to me that is Fortnum & Mason. But then there are shops, that you don’t just miss at Christmas, but all year. And for my wife (and even after all these years in Australia) it would have to be The White Company. Every time we make our bed she seems to mention the fact that bedlinen in Australia, is just not like that of The White Company.

Dash to The White Company

The last time we were in London as a family, was over 5 years ago. And we acted like tourists. Boat up the Thames to the Tower of London, Harry Potter (okay, it’s in Watford, but close enough) and Hamleys etc. My wife had wanted some particular linen. And the only place she could find it was at their concession in Selfridges. So, I had to leave the family, grandparents and all in Hamleys and dash down Oxford Street on a red double decker to get, if I remember just some pillow cases. Yep, pillow cases…

Melted Candle

Without doubt one of the best scented candles, for me is The White Company’s, Winter candle. It more than any Christmas candle. Conjures up the smell and essence of Christmas. We used to burn it all the time in November in the run up to Christmas, whilst in the UK. So, one year I thought I would save up and order one. It duly arrived. But the wax was at 45 degrees to the jar. And the wick at 45 degrees to that. The overwhelming excitement (opening the beautiful packaging) was rapidly followed by crushing disappointment. The customer service were excellent. It transpired that the candle had for some reason been held up on the tarmac at Dubai airport, in 40plus degrees and had beautifully reshaped itself. No drama, they just sent me a new one which arrived in perfect condition.

A White Christmas

What I remember most fondly about Christmas at The White Company. Are their amazing Christmas windows, the exquisite winter blankets, Christmas decorations and that smell of their Winter candle. There are not many shops that capture Christmas in the way that the White Company does. A white Christmas indeed.

The other bonus is that they also offer the perfect gift option, for a forgetful son for his mother. Gift cards. And when that forgetful son, has time to remember a gift, their products are beautifully presented. A great gift idea for any mum at Christmas.