Christmas Day Night Walk

Wood reindeer decorated in Christmas lights, covered in snow

Without stating the bleeding obvious, a European Christmas and an Aussie Christmas are seasons a part. As I’ve previously mentioned, initially I found Aussie Christmas Just Strange. But over the years started to find them much more enjoyable, and last Christmas was just great. There is one thing that we haven’t done since being in Australia, taken a Christmas Day night walk.

Well It’s Just Light

What I really love about Christmas Day in Australia, is that the day just seems to last so much longer. Yep, it is still 24 hours. The fact that it is summer, just means that the daylight hours are well just longer. And when the weather is great (it can be either 15c or 35c in Melbourne over Christmas), and it can be fantastic. Particularly when you can sit outside under the stars on a warm evening . If, you are lucky, watch the kids playing in the swimming pool, late at night. You know that you should be grateful and thankful.

Walking in the Dark

Growing up in the UK. Christmas was obviously cold, dark very early and if you were really lucky it may snow. And snow, I’m not sure if I can ever remember waking up to a white Christmas. The odd spectacular heavy frost, that looked like snow. It may have tried to snow during the day but generally it would be grey and over cast at best.

So, no sitting under the stars. Instead, heavy clothes. Usually ramped up central heating. And the best a roaring log fire. The real difference other than the climate. Is that after the food, the drinks and festivities are over. We would just slump in front of the television (can’t remember doing that in Australia), and more than likely dosing off in front of it.

So, to refresh the body, my mother in particular would make us put on our hats, scarves and winter coats, and make us go for a walk in the dark. To be honest most of the time we would all complain about going. And it would be really, really cold. But if we are truthful, it was very refreshing.

The ironic thing is that on our last Christmas back in the UK, it was a barmy 15c, very warm for Christmas Day (although the weekend before it had snowed). So, the walk was not how I had remembered them. But do I miss a Christmas Day night walk? No, it is one of the few things that I don’t. Sitting out under the stars, is so much better. And just feels healthier.