Christmas TV Adverts

Hafod Shopfront at Christmas

There is something about the 1st of November. When it comes to Christmas and Christmas TV adverts. Traditionally, it was always on the TV but now they are everywhere. TV, YouTube, Social Media and the list goes on and on.

The Best Christmas TV Adverts – Ever

Nah. Can’t be bothered putting together a list. Just to much of a Christmas cliché. But I do love the excitement generated by the likes of John Lewis and Boots. In Australia, Christmas TV adverts are still maturing. But do have to say John Lewis’ Christmas ad of 2019 was an absolute stinker but they have recovered this year (2021). Far more on tune.

The Generation Game

As a child you knew that Christmas was on its way when Bruce Foresyth was on the BBC presenting the Generation Game. Now it seems to be spotting the first Christmas TV ad, and it seems that every year, they get earlier and earlier. What makes Christmas TV adverts so entertaining (well to me), is just the variety. From year to year, company to company and even how the same company can produce such as different TV ad from year to year. Some are so creative, festive and spot on. Then there are others that well, hmm, what was the point? But have you noticed over the last couple of years 80’s music has been, so in? Takes me back to my childhood. And maybe that is the point and 80’s music crosses the generations.

Hafod Hardware Christmas Advert 2019

Talking about the 80’s music, Alphaville’s – Forever Young was the soundtrack to this low budget, heart warming Christmas Advert. By a small hardware store in Mid-Wales, Hafod, which was produced for Christmas 2019. It crosses the generations. And says exactly what is on the tin. My favourite Christmas TV advert? Possibly. Enjoy, it captures the spirit of Christmas. Just a shame there was no snow.

Can’t Get Enough Of Christmas tv Adverts?

Then Marketing Week’s Christmas advert blog for 2021 is worth a watch.