Father Christmas is Back Review

Scene of Christmas for Father Christmas is Back movie review

Father Christmas is Back is available on Netflix is a mixed up affair. Where British cast meets a mix of British comedy aimed at an American audience. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the worst Christmas movie but it most certainly isn’t a Richard Curtis classic either. It sits in an awkward vacuum. It is like the movie Christmas Survival, up scaled. The house, the cars, the pub, well everything. But not as good.

Inside It’s Christmas

Like the inside of the house in the movie, the soul of the movie is Christmas. A cliched dysfunctional family. Perfect kids. And a father who is the villain but is he? The pace of the movie is enjoyable and it does hold your attention.

But the casting of Caroline Quentin, is oh so wrong. Surely Netflix could have found a UK actress of a more appropriate age. Then the whole movie is shot at the height of a UK summer. Yep, it can feel like winter in the UK in the summer. But seriously green leaves on the trees…These two things are just jarring.

Is it Fireplace Worthy

So, is Father Christmas is Back, worth your time and effort? This was the first Christmas movie this year we have sat down to watch. The cast is good. The cheesy level is absolutely spot on. And if you need to just switch off and watch a movie just wash over you top of you. And you are not expecting this to be Love Actually. Then absolutely this is Fireplace Worthy.