Dinner with Heston


My aunt introduced me to Heston Blumenthal. Not in person but via the telly. Sadly to date I’ve not met the celebrity chef. Nor eaten at one of his restaurants. Although, I did have a booking once at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne. But had to pull out, to the frustration of a friend of mine. Like so many though have drooled at some of the amazing dishes he creates.

My favourite Christmas show though was one of his earlier celebrity meals, Heston Blumenthal’s Perfect Christmas. I don’t usually want to be one of his guests, but if you could go back in time, and I was a celebrity. Would love to have been invited.

The original guest list was – the late great Terry Wogan, Kirsty Wark, Dara O’Briain, Rob Brydon, Richard E Grant and Sue Perkins. (So, who would I have to replace, sorry Richard…)

This wasn’t a dinner, but what seemed like an amazing culinary experience. And the fact that it was at Christmas, just a double whammy.

The programme is perfectly broken in to Christmas themes, and these are the themes;

Hot and Cold Mulled Wine

The guests are greeted with edible Christmas baubles, filled with a salmon mousse. Cool, but nothing as cool as the mulled wine. No, idea how this was done, and the guests where at a lose as well. In the same glass a mulled wine that was both hot and cold. And to top off the pre-dining experience a margarine mousse.

gold, frankincense and myrrh

Through a secret panel, the ultimate Christmas dinning room, awaits. A table surrounded by snow covered Christmas trees. Then the exploration to Oman to find gold, frankincense and myrrh for his next meal. And how does he include these ingredients. Simple, of course. Frankincense tea. Myrrh, just make it into a teaspoon to serve. Gold, as edible gold leaf over langoustine stock cube. Easy. And all combined in a bowl. Insane, just as Richard E. Grant comments on. And what next a flaming sorbet, to help clear the palate. Yep, flaming sorbet.

Christmas Goose

So how do you flavour goose, for your Christmas meal. With the essence of Douglas Fir of course. Combine this with standard poultry feed, some good ole Paxo and freeze fried apple. Combined with syrup. Simple. So, the goose would taste of apple and pine. And how do you use the goose, well all of it, in various ways. I love roast goose at Christmas, but this is off the scale. Possibly, the greatest roast goose of all time, with chestnut velouté. Creating chestnuts roasting over an open fire. And judging by the response from the guests, probably was off the scale.

Reindeer Ice Cream

Cue Siberia, and reindeer. Heston just can’t bring himself to cook, Santa’s little helper. So, enter the ice cream made from reindeer milk. Voila. There you have it the complete, Christmas themed Christmas meal. Finished off with snow falling…indoors of course.

The creativity is mind blowing. And a meal I wish I could have been invited to and for those who were. What an amazing experience. So, each Christmas I switch it on, dreaming that Father Christmas will deliver this meal on Christmas Day. Thanks Heston.