Saturday Eve

Evening heart with lights

To me the best day of the year isn’t Christmas Day (although I do love it, of course). It is in fact Christmas Eve. Especially the evening. Just can’t beat the excitement and buzz. Whether it was as a child, or in my late teens, pub crawling around Ludlow, in Shropshire with my sister and close friends or as a parent watching Norad with my son and wife. Just can’t beat the excitement.

What is the next best thing to Christmas. Well Friday night. Who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? And for me (when we are not out and about) I try to add in that Christmas Eve excitement for each weekend. With a Friday night routine. I call this routine, Saturday Eve.

So, what is Saturday Eve? This is the routine.

Red Wine With Supper

I can’t exactly up a figure on it but a few years ago, we started having red wine (sometimes white) with our Friday dinner. We generally make supper, either burger with chips or parma with chips or home made chicken curry. We enjoy or at times not, the wine. And if you are interested my wife has a wine site called Baked Beans on Toast, where we review what we drink.

Friday Movie Night

Like so many, we subscribe to Netflix. Which makes Friday night, Saturday Eve, movie night. And from mid’ish November we start to watch Christmas movies. If, I can get away with it. In winter (June to August in Australia) the added bonus of lighting the wood burning stove.

A Wee Dram of Whiskey

To finish off the evening. A wee dram of whiskey during the movie. And this is how I add a little of Christmas spirit to each week of the year. And to top it off, this year (2021), Christmas Eve will be on a Friday. What a Christmas double whammy.