The Ultimate Christmas Party

Super yacht Mosman Sydney Harbour

Before emigrating to Australia, I worked for a great company. With an absolutely wonderful owner. We were, then a small business and like so many in the internet space, did things, well differently. If the owner felt like going down the pub on a Friday afternoon, we would go, the whole company for a drink. Then spent the last hour on a Friday trying to finish off our work. The last Christmas I spent with the business, I truly thought I have experienced the ultimate Christmas Party.

Let’s Go Skiing

Skiing at the SnowDome in Tamworth
Image from the SnowDome website

Yep. That’s correct our ultimate Christmas party was a limo, rammed packed with food and a boot/trunk load of alcohol. With Christmas classics playing that generally seemed to get louder and louder as the day progressed. We drove half-way across the country (England not being that large) to the SnowDome at Tamworth. And it was an absolute hoot. I mean who can say they’ve been skiing for a Christmas office party. We then drove back across the country, in the limo to a quintessential English countryside pub in the Cotswolds, The Wild Duck at Ewen. Great food. Great company. Great experience.

Flying To Sydney

Flying Qantas to Sydney for a Christmas office party

Then there was the last Christmas party (2021). My companies main office is in Sydney, so I flew up for various meetings. As you do. Several catch up meetings, that seemed to just happen to be located in pubs around Sydney. Very convenient. On the final evening of the trip we had our Christmas party.

It started with a Secret Santa. And was hysterical. Followed by us all piling into a coach, that drove us to Mosman (a very exclusive suburb in Sydney, with a very pretty main street) pier to catch our ride for the night. A James Bond like super yacht. And boy oh boy was it super. I’ve always wanted to experience a yacht like this, in the Med on holiday, but if it is Sydney Harbour on an evening cruise, who cares.

And it didn’t disappoint, not for one second. The company I work for, a large number of us had previously worked at an other business in Melbourne. So, this was just one massive catch up and meeting new colleagues from the Sydney office. The food just kept coming, the champagne just kept flowing and the team were just great. The theme of the party was white, and to be honest some of my colleagues could have just walked off a James Bond movie.

The Best Christmas Party

Sydney Opera House and Bridge

Was this the ultimate Christmas party, damn close to it. If skiing in an indoor dome and cruising around Sydney harbour on a stunning yacht are the best I will experience. Then I’ve been damn lucky with a few of the Christmas parties I’ve attended. I mean who goes in a limo or flies to go to a Christmas party?