Love Hard Review

Scene of Christmas for Love Hard movie review

Let’s be honest you know exactly what is going to happen once the two main characters in Love Hard meet. It is a well trodden route. Boy meets girl. Think When Harry met Sally. But the journey to that point, I found to be an enjoyable one. And that is the charm of Love Hard. Available on Netflix.

Die Hard or Love Actually

The theme of these two classic Christmas movies pops up frequently during the movie. Is Die Hard really a Christmas Movie? Well, will leave that one for you to decide. There also major pointers to Love Actually, and at times, obvious rip offs from that movie. Unless you an absolute die hard Love Actually fan, this is a part of the charm to Love Hard. If you can’t beat the formula, then you might as well join it.

The Two Main Characters

They are both likeable yet cringing all at the same time. Our teenage son found the female lead, ‘dumb’ as he put it. And that to a point is what makes this movie work. I would have said vain and self obsessed. Yet, the male character, no oil painting is a considerate and thoughtful person. Who thinks through the situation. A perfect blend.

Fireplace Worthy

Absolutely. I really enjoyed Love Hard. Is it a classic? Nah. Would I watch it again. Yep, but only for Christmas next year. This is a sit down and watch on a Friday or Saturday night. And has all the elements a Christmas movie should have.